Hip arthroplasty in one day hospital under local anesthesia

The progress of Andrea Blasi MD (Italy) continues in perfecting the surgical and rehabilitation process with rapid recovery after minimally invasive hip replacement under local anesthesia.


With this path, the person with hip replacement surgery can go home after only one day of hospitalization completely autonomous to walk, climb stairs, go to the bathroom and get into the car as passengers.

Andrea Blasi MD is considered one of the leading experts in anterior minimally invasive hip replacement, thanks to the extraordinary local anesthesia devised by Dr. Sandri and the rehabilitation work of the whole team is specialized in fast recovery.

The results obtained thanks to the whole team, allow a very rapid recovery of autonomy and return to work.


Hip Arthroplasty in one day Hospital Local anesthesia




Bikini Hip arthroplasty local anesthesia





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