Hip arthroplasty under local anesthesia

Thanks to new discoveries in the field of anesthesia and minimally invasive surgery, it is now finally possible to perform hip arthroplasty surgery under local anesthesia.

The first to realize it are the components of the mininvasive hip replacement team of the San Francesco-Domus Nova clinic in Ravenna (Italy).

This innovative anesthetic technique, devised by Dr. Micol Sandri anesthetic specialist and by Dr. Andrea Blasi orthopedic expert in minimally invasive hip replacement, allows to make the intervention much lighter and to have an early recovery of daily and working life.


hip arthroplasty under local anesthesia


Sandri-Blasi technique allows the anesthesia to be carried out in the intervention site without altering the muscular strength.

The advantages of local anesthesia are many: practically absent postoperative pain, immediate autonomy in terms of recovery of daily life, minimal blood loss, very short hospital stay, absence of the side effects of general anesthesia (nausea and vomiting) and of spinal anesthesia (urinary retention with need for catheter, postural hypotension).

This means in practical terms that, thanks to local anesthesia, the ability to walk (walking immediately), the ability to breathe (you always breathe spontaneously), the possibility of eating (there are no restrictions on the meal), the urinary function is not altered. (no catheter).

This new evolution in hip arthroplasty represents an important step forward in tackling a surgical operation that often causes many worries.



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